We are returning to the US in 20 hours! Unless we decide to stay… 🙂
Here are the details for our flight tomorrow Sunday, June 23rd:
TA 397 MGA- SAL          17:30 18:20
TA 560 SAL- SFO          19:07 00:12
You can track us and check for updates (delays and such) on this website 


Today was filled with high rising emotion and memories. We began the day with a 3 hour reflection. We mapped our entire journey together, reminisced our most memorable moments, and shared a whole lotta love. Each of us received little anecdotes from each of our fellow glimpsers filled with praise and adoration. For most of us, the trip went by a little too quickly. The rest of the day we packed and did last minute shopping. A wonderful last dinner was prepared for us at Abya Yala. Although I will enjoy a wider variety of choices for dinner back in the States I think I’m going to miss the plantains and Gallo Pinto.


After dinner we were all surprised(even me) when Norman, Elena’s boyfriend, began to sing and play guitar while we crowded into the hostel. It all quickly turned into a talent show and everyone displayed their talents from the nightly meetings we have had. We added our ‘thank yous’ to everyone. Rodolfo, his wife and little Rodolfito, Vilma the housekeeper, and of course Skarleth and Elena the two best coordinators we could have ever hoped for. Rodolfo mentioned how wonderful it was to have us in his Hostel, and we were very grateful for such fine hosts.

IMG_0869[1] IMG_0905[1]IMG_0892[1]

We also had one last “Energizer” that I kept hidden from the group for the whole day…DISCO  NIGHT!! Last Friday we had gone out to a salsa bar to dance and have fun, but our time there was short and many of us wanted another chance to show off our moves. So we all hoped into the bus with Federico and headed to the disco. It was definitely a bomb last night. 2 hours of hardcore dancing left most of us pretty sweaty, but everyone had a great time. 

I think I speak for all us when I say this trip has been one of the best experiences of my life,