It took a while, but we’ve made it!

After being promptly and warmly greeted by Karla, Julia, Javier, Juel, and Madai, we zipped through Managua, and dined at Pizza Hut. While eating, we got a chance to become better acquainted with our coordinators, before settling in at Hotel Felipe.

This morning, we made our way to Jinotega. The drive took about three hours, but it felt shorter than that, as there was much to see (i.e., Nicaraguans getting ready to start the day, poultry plants, cattle farms, and vulture flocks). A few rounds of heads up –led and played by the students– made time tick by quickly, too. Upon arriving at Hotel Kiuras, we were shown our rooms. Next, we enjoyed a breakfast of gallos pintos, juevos, plaintains, and agua fresca.

I’m sorry to close so abruptly, but Cynthia is about to engage us in a history seminar.

Kenisha and The Crew

P.S., I’m sorry this wasn’t posted last night. The hotel’s wifi reception was a bit weak, and wouldn’t carry a signal.