On our first Fun Day of the trip, we Glimpsers embarked on a journey to El Paílón del Diablo, a roaring waterfall located near the city of Baños.

Today was special for the group in that there were two Liders del Día instead of one. The challenge between our two unique leadership styles was finding a balance in managing the rest of the group. Having two people instead of one proved an advantage in some situations, such as waking up all the Glimpsers in the morning, and a challenge in others, especially when having to coordinate during the hike.

Despite these challenges, we still managed to arrive at the rainforest hiking trail far sooner than expected, leading to some extra free time later. The hike was beautiful, and we Glimpsers enjoyed amazing sights of an ecosystem unlike any in the U.S.. The waterfall itself was awe inspiring, with the trail allowing us to walk within feet of the cascade. This led to many of the Glimpsers getting soaked, however we had thankfully brought a spare change of clothes. The hike down was concluded with a delicious sandwich lunch with an amazing view of El Paílón de Diablo.

The return hike was just as beautiful, if a bit more demanding, given the sometimes steep incline of the trail. However, all the Glimpsers stayed committed and trekked on, in addition to helping out each other when someone needed a break.

As a result of our surprising punctuality, we were able to explore Baños, enjoying ice cream and candy shops, and seeing the unique churches, parks, and mountainous background.

Following our return to Riobamba from Baños, we got a slice of home at D’baggio Pizzeria, where we enjoyed surprisingly delicious brick oven pizza.

Overall, today, accompanied by yesterday’s Free Day, gave us Glimpsers some well needed rest from our intense learning experience, while still allowing us to experience the beauty of Ecuador and its cities. We are excited and ready to get back into it tomorrow for PoliticsDay.




Shoutout – I love you and miss you Mommy, Daddy, Julia, and Scamper too! I’m back to full health and having a great time, but I can’t wait to see you again! Dreaming about our beach trip every night! Much love -Mason



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