Estelí E1AHello to all glimpsers, friends, and family! I am John, and I had the honor of being Group E1A’s Èl lider del dial for Fun Day. We kicked off our day with a 6 a.m. breakfast, followed by an hour-long trip north to Somoto, a town near the Nicaragua-Honduras border. After gathering and preparing the necessary supplies we drove to our destination, and after a 30-minute hike, arrived at the beautiful Somoto Canyon. There we embarked on a two hour-trek through the canyon, and the river that flows through it. We did many enjoyable things here, some of which included traversing through rapids, jumping off rocks into the river below, riding small boats, appreciating the nice view of the canyon, and even creating a group circle in the middle of the river! None of this would have been possible without the help of our local guides and firefighters, who watched out for us the entire time. Everyone in the group would agree that today is a day that will never leave our memories, as we prepare to start our CAP project!

In addition to Fun Day, today is also Father’s Day! Below are some messages from E1A’s Glimpsers:

Brianna: Hope you had a happy Father’s Day Pa! Love you!

Claudia: Happy Father’s day Papi! I love and miss everyone!

Sabrina: Happy Father’s Day Grandpa! I love you very much!

Danielle: Love you so much mom. Thanks for always being very supportive of me.

Emma: Happy Father’s Day Dooda and Grandpa! Much love to the fam!

Elsa: Thankful and blessed to have such a great dad like you. Take care and remain strong. See ya in a week! TQM!

Lorenzo: Happy Father’s Day to both Salvador Jr. and Sr.

Coco: Happy Dad’s Day Sensei! –Love, Grasshopper

Benjamin: I’ll make up for missing today, trust me. Many gifts.

Vivian: Happy Father’s Day Bo and Ongngoai! I love and miss you both so much. I promise ill make it up to you!

Hana: Happy Father’s Day Dad! Hope you and the fam have a great day!

Ari: Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for actually picking up the phone when I call you. Love and miss ya, Dad!

Stephen: Happy Father’s Dad, love and miss you!


Kathy: Love you so much daddy, can’t wait to give you all your gifts! – Your fav daughter.

David: Hey Dad! Got lots of gifts for missing Father’s Day.

Jessica: Happy Father’s Day, I appreciate everything you do and who you are as a man. Te Quiero Mucho!

John: Better be ready for me, Dad. One more week!