Today was our last free day here in Nicaragua! We got to sleep in a bit and were treated to a late breakfast of eggs and gallo pinto at 8:30am. At around 9:00am we all went our seperate ways, in groups of four, and speIMG_4752nt the morning as we pleased. Although some preferred to sleep in, many others got the opportunity to call IMG_4751home and buy some last minute souvenirs. We met back at the hostel in time for lunch at 12:00pm where a tasty meal of fried chicken and plantains awaited us. After lunch we had another few hours of free time, some caught the new release of Pacific Rim while others, like myself, stayed back to catch up on some sleep. After filling up on some typical Nicaraguan food for dinner we set out for English tutorring, consistently my favorite part of the day. Announcing to our students that we would have a party to celebrate our upcoming last day was somewhat bittersweet. As our trip comes to a close we are finding it even harder to say goodbye, but we are nontheless excited to see you all in a few days! -Rachael Neustadt