DSC01478  DSC01475 DSC01435 DSC01438Today, my peers learned the importance of “Unwind and Relax.” Today was a fun day, so, after some dropped hints by me, we went on a hike. Yes, we accidently went the wrong and long way from the planned path, but everyone seemed to enjoy the increased hike time. The rain made the hike a slightly dangerous idea, but no one was seriously injured. We were able to spend some time of the trip engulfed in nature, which was a nice change. I, personally, saw a chance for our group to build, because people were helping each other out by holding hands and calling out muddy areas.

We were willing to help ourselves by helping each other. If we saw a muddy area, we would call out a safe path, help each other pass over-extended roots of trees, and able to help each other up if we fell.

I’m proud of my peers for going on the hike with no negative feelings about it. No one was complaining, saying things like “My feet hurt,” “I’m tired, “Are we done yet?” No one was really sad about the hike, and all the skeptical people ended up enjoying the hike as a whole, which was nice.

One of the most inspiring people I met today was Hassel, one of my English students. During the class, we split into groups, and whenever the others in my group didn’t understand, she would either tell me to explain again, explain it in a simpler form, or she would explain in Spanish. She really took initiative and made sure her classmates learned the days material. She showed a leadership quality the others in the group were kind of unable to explain, which is always a positive thing.

Being “El Lider Del Dia” was a great experience, because you see what it’s actually like to be a leader. This gave us preparation, in case we are called upon to fill this type of role again sometime in the future. It had it’s ups… leading people, giving the updates, and it’s downs… waking up early. Overall, having this position is fun and is a great experience for anyone who actually wanted to become a leader of say a company or community, or even as far as country.

I learned that, though I’m not taken that seriously as others around me, I can pull the respect out of people in some shape or form. People don’t have to want to listen to me, but, since I know that they have to so that they can continue their day, I can force their ears to listen, thus giving myself a slight seat of power.