Hello to Fellow Travelers:

Now is the time to review your Global Glimpse Packing List. This was issued during the parent/student meeting. Everything is in order? Great!

A big thanks to Susan and Gen leaders of the Jinotega 6/10 trip–for the additional instructions and info:

Regarding LUGGAGE: per Global Glimpse you are ONLY allowed to bring 1 bag of no more than 50 lbs. to check, and one carry-on piece with a maximum weight of 10 kg (22 lbs.), the sum of exterior dimensions (height + length + width) may not exceed 115 centimeters (45 inches). Even though Avianca Airlines does allow 2 bags to be checked, Glimpsers must adhere to the Global Glimpse policy.  And the Avianca website says “Please note carry-on baggage that is oversize or overweight, or due to its irregular shape does not fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat, will not be accepted and must be checked” and this would not be good since you may be charged an extra baggage fee.

Please, make sure you bring 2 photocopies of your passport–along with your passport, of course–to the airport. You will need $10.00 for your visa.