photo 1 (3) The view from the sugar mill factory in Barahona.

photo 1The most amazing GG group crammed into a small room meant for 10 Haitain sugar cane cutters…seems a little small to us.

photo 2A truck carrying 125 lbs bags of sugar. photo 3 (2) photo 3 (3) photo 3A baby goat at a milk, cheese, and yogurt production farm associated with the sugar mill factory.

photo 4 (2)The dorm room (or cell) that the seasonal sugar cane workers stay in.  The Haitian workers get one bunk and one locker for the 6 months that they are allowed into the Dominican Republic to work.  One of our students had a hard time fitting on the bed and he is only 5’8″.

photo 5 (2)