Today was Global Business day. We visited a family who owned and ran a farm (Finca). Getting there was the hard part; it’s not just like driving on paved roads. The roads and paths on the farm were all dirt and mud because of the rain. While walking to the farm many of us slipped and fell while going up the hill. We finally reached the top and it turns out we had to go back down. The workers at Saturina farm were nice enough to let us go through some of their fences to partially dry areas instead of going down the slippery and muddy hill. I thought the tour the farm workers gave us was surprisingly exciting. They showed us how their greenhouses were built and showed us the plants they grow. On the farm they grow 5 different kinds of potatoes, they also grow cherry tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli.



CHOCOLATE. COFFEE. It almost speaks for itself. We got a tour and also tasted Nicaraguan chocolate and coffee. I personally don’t like chocolate or coffee but it was totally different. The chocolate was so pure and nice, I felt like I tasted every grain of the chocolate. According to everyone else the coffee was the