la cuculmecaWe started the day with a bus ride to a NGO called La Cuculmeca. There, we had a brief tour and then three speakers presented to us about their unique organizations. One was from Cuculmeca, one from the Peace Corps, and one from a different NGO called Water for People. After the presentations, we stayed there for a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon, we had our introduction to the English tutoring classes which we are going to be teaching soon. Afterwards, we visited the organization which we will be doing our Community Action Project (CAP) with. This NGO goes by Niños y Jovenes de Caracter al Rescate, or “children and youth of character to the rescue”. We had a short tour but it was a great experience, because of the hospitality and incredible friendliness of the people there, and not only those working for the organization. The younger kids chased the bus while we were leaving. We cannot wait to return and work with these young change-makers.

ninos y jovenes de caracte al rescate