Today we got invited to a beautiful ranch by Angela, the owner of the hotel that we are staying at. We spent most of our day at her ranch swimming, playing billiards, eating delicious food and just having a great day. When we were in the pool we played “Marco Polo”. We had a traditional Dominican Republic lunch which was fried corn, salad, moros  (traditional rice), and chicken. While we were eating lunch we all had a conversation about what cartoons we liked to watch and that we currently like watching.  At the pool table Desmond and Beca were defeating any other team that challenged them, until Max ( one of our wonderful GG leaders) and Michael completely dominated them. We later went to teach at the school named Lucille Rupp and learned how we can teach English to those who come to our classes. What I mean by this is that on our first couple of teaching days not all of us knew what we were going to teach. I think that today is the turning point in that uncertainty of not knowing what to do because everyone and I mean everyone knew what they were going to be teaching and had a fun time while doing it. In my class today I met this amazing boy named Jose Elian who asked me where our group was from, I told him that we were from the United States. He looked at me with a shocked face asking a question that made me fall on the floor laughing. He asked me “?Entonces ustedes van para aca a la Republica Dominicana para ensenarnos, y luego se van de regreso a los Estados Unidos cada dia?” Which translates to “So you guys come over here to the Dominican Republic to teach us, then go back home to the  US everyday?” To which I replied “No, nos quedamos en un hotel” which translates to “No we are staying at a hotel.”

The question of the day today was

“How can you get your students to be more interested in your classes?

Big love,

Julian Llamas

P.S. Pictures to come soon, but check out what I did to earn the Leader of the Day power.  If you haven’t tasted SUERO, you don’t know how hard it is to chug a liter of it.