Hello families! Today we had a little more sleep then we did yesterday (we had an extra hour). As we gathered everyone we headed to breakfast which was not appealing to everyone. Some enjoyed a baloney sandwich while some passed. After we finished breakfast we headed back to the hostel where we had time to prepare for our next English lesson. We then had about an hour of free time where some students got the opportunity to go to an internet café while others went to a bakery. After 30 minutes we headed back  to the hostel to prepare for our field trips to either a public high school or a private high school, half of the glimpsers went to a private school while the other half went to the public school. At the high schools each glimpser got to shadow a high school student and experience their daily school routines. The glimpsers also got the opportunity to see the difference of the high schools here in Nicaragua and in the United States. When we arrived to the high school  we introduced our selves to the students and vice-versa and form there we followed to students individually around. Before the group that went to the private school left they got to see school band play. As we traveled from the schools to the restaurant where  we had a Nicaraguan enchilada with gallo pinto and cabbage salad. From the restaurant we made our way to the school where we give our English classes. To wrap up our day  we had our nightly meeting  to reflect on our day.

As one of the leaders of the day I, Crystal, had the opportunity to lead the group  and give people step by step on what the rest of the day was going to look like. As  the other leader, I Maria, experienced being a leader with Crystal and having the opportunity to keep the whole group together and hydrated. We are looking forward for Politics Day tomorrow!

Sorry families, we have no pictures tonight.