Today was a fun day. The day was filled with very fun activities and mosquitos! Our day started at 7 am with a very delicious breakfast that consisted of pancakes, bananas, watermelon and pineapple. We then had a very fun tour filled with mosquitos at a National Wildlife preserve where we boarded small boats and floated down the river. We saw small crabs, birds, iguanas and mosquitos! We had lunch at a secluded beach, fresh fish and vegetables. We enjoyed the day in the water, catching waves and collecting shells. Glimpsers also played cards and enjoyed the cool breeze from the ocean. We all enjoyed the beautiful view and the cooler weather. After taking the boat back, we boarded the bus back to our hostel. We had a short amount of time to freshen up before our Dollar a Day seminar which prepared us for the next day of visiting a community who lived on only a dollar. We enjoyed dinner before our nightly meeting. Tonight, we took a bucket shower and went to bed at 10am to get ready for our 5am wake up call.


Getting ready to go on the Wildlife Preserve Tour


The Mangrove Trees that live in the water. The mud they live in goes SO deep!


A view into the other boat as we look for iguanas


And there it is!


Enjoying ourselves and each other’s company as we swim into the waves.