Day 2 – History!!!

History day is history now, but I’m sure that the Glimpsers will remember today’s experience.

Today we had a fun and educational day. We started the morning talking about cultural differences, for them to keep an open mind. They also had a brief Nicaragua history seminar with their GG Leaders.

After the seminar we took them to the revolutionary war museum, they got to learn a lot about Nicaragua history, they saw a lot of pictures, stories about politics and why the revolution started. The got to learn about Somoza dynasty and the best part, they heard the story from actual ex-fighters of the revolution war. Their face after finding out that these men were between 14 and 16 years old during the war, priceless!!!. They were really impressed about how young these people were, and how hard it was for them seeking freedom in their own country at that age. They were very engage with the activity and ask them questions about their experience and about their life after such a cruel war. It was great seeing them so involved, I guess finding out these people was about their age when they were already fighting and losing close friend was a powerful experience for them.

DSC02644 DSC02645

During the afternoon we took them on a city tour. They saw a couple of great and informative murals that talk about Nicaragua history and hopes. They also went inside the cathedral and were impress with the building structure. 

After the nightly meeting we saw a couple of the Glimpser excited about salsa class tomorrow, will see how that go!!! 🙂

So far the positive attitude and open mind of the entire group is just contagious, GG Leaders are also on top of everything and you can just feel the great energy. Looking forward to see how we all grow from this experience after 3 weeks :D.