Today was literally an extreme fun day. I was really committed to make this day one to remember, not just because it’s a fun day, but because we were actually hiking on an active volcano! Everyone was excited for today’s activity, hiking and sliding down the outer edge of the Cerro Negro volcano sounds exactly what you think it is, very electrified and full of energy!

First of all, we woke up at 7am, ate breakfast, had our lovely orientation about today’s field trip, and got everything packed for Cerro Negro. Our transport was really authentic. I personally enjoyed the trip since the road was just plain dirt and dust, adding a level of unpredictability to our commute, having to ride out each bump and ditch! Arriving at the ranger station, each one of us signed in. The Cerro Negro keeps a record of all the people who hike there, from all ages and nationalities. My responsibility was to ensure that everyone applied sunscreen, bug repellent, and had enough water for the whole hike. After checking that, we all prepared our sleds, and our guide Aaron dictated some facts about the volcano like the history of it, and gave us an idea of what the hike was going to be like. Next, we started the hike, and excitement aroused us. At the beginning we felt confident of achieving the hike, but as we escalated higher and higher, some of us got tired, or we just felt uncomfortable with the altitude we were at. We had water breaks since being hydrated was very important! Helping each other and going at a slow pace was crucial for our safety; and, regardless of our struggles, we still managed to make it to the top.

At the top we had an amazing view of the region of Leon. It was worth the hike, and everyone posed for pictures and goofed around for a while . Aaron once again explained to us the volcano conditions, and he showed us that the surface of the ground was actually hot. You could feel the heat, and it was really stunning.  It was my first time hiking a real active volcano,  how amazing is that? After taking a lot of pictures, we prepared ourselves for the main event, sliding down the outer edge of the volcano! We dressed up in our suits as a precaution. Everybody had an expression of nervousness, mostly because we have never slid down a volcano, since Nicaragua is the only country in the world in which you can do that!  Our courage and commitment was at the highest level,  and it was time to slide down. One by one we started, it seemed pretty easy, but it required a lot of concentration to not fall down. Each of us slid down, most made it safely to the bottom, others just lost control, tilted over, and tumbled out of the sled. Thankfully, no one was hurt, which was great since that’s what we aimed and worked for.

At the bottom we all talked about the feeling of rushing down in the sled, going through the rocks, and having a memorable experience. We all agreed that we would do it again some day, and doing it much better. We ended up all dirty, full of dirt and small rocks. Despite all that, it was totally worth it. Cerro Negro left us a positive vibe and it really was the definition of extreme fun! At the end of the slide, we all ended exhausted. Lunch was really needed, so we washed our hands and face, and had some food after a long day. After lunch, we headed back home to shower. Unfortunately, there wasn’t running water and we took a lovely bucket shower! Living again on our ‘dollar a day’ phase. It was really refreshing anyways.

To sum up the day, we discovered that the real meaning of impossible is actually ‘I’m Possible.’ We all enjoyed the day to the fullest, and we will truly cherish this moment for the rest of our lives. Every single one of us made the hike unforgettable, and we all brought our portion of fun to the group. Without a doubt, there is no other way to describe this day as an ‘Extreme fun day.’
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