After the cleansing the group split up in two. Half took a tour of the museum that displayed traditional indigenous attire, artifacts, and historical images. The other half of the group took a tour of the farm where they met Pancho, an alpaca, and Marchela, a pregnant llama. Everyone was excited to meet the animals and feed them. After the tour the group engaged in a traditional Pamba Mikhuy, which essentially is a large table filled with different Kichwa food. The group tried fresh vegetables grown in their very own garden, such as corn, beans, and potatoes. In addition we had the opportunity to try guinea pig (it tasted like chicken).
We headed back to the hostel for a quick meeting on grouping for the English tutoring. Later on we had free time where many of us engaged in a volleyball and handball game. After free time we took part in an energizer called sardines similar to hide and seek.

Then we settled in to prepare our lesson plans for tomorrow’s English tutoring session. Everyone is really excited to teach! After, we headed to the dining room for some dinner, which was delicious! We ended the night with a nightly meeting and the passing of the torch. There was a lot of big love to go around. We hope you enjoyed reading about our day. It was truly an amazing experience.