Today we went to FundaciónBetesda where we finished the last pieces of our Community Action Project. The day started with waking up early, eating breakfast, and heading straight to the Fundación. There, we worked hard as a team to finish the foundation that we hope will eventually become the base of operations to help out the community regarding therapy, counseling, and housing. This project has taught our delegation that working with the community does not only help the locals but also ourselves by making us feel like we are a part of the community. The delegation showed courage today by giving all of our energy in the activities that Fundación Betesda needed in order to help it grow. This experience will not end here but we will take this home and apply it into each of our communities. To commemorate our hard work, the Fundación provided us with cakes as we gave our thanks and exchanged our information in order to keep in touch and see the further expansion of their vision. We also took advantage of the time and decided to play a quick soccer match with the Betesda Team, Fabian (one of the people from the Fundación) scoring the winning goal to shut out a long day of hard work. The inauguration took place right after the match, having heard a few words from Eduardo, Ruben, and our very own Jan Carlo, to mark the end of our CAP Project.

Later on in the day, we came back to Feroz and ate our lunch. Following that, free time was given for about three hours, which was quite exciting news for everyone. Around five, everyone then gathered in the meeting room to proceed with the CAP Project recap and reflection. We went over all the lessons we learned and how we could improve our own communities back home. A surprise was presented by Camilo after the recap, showing the entire family a video that congratulated Andy, Keke, and Shireen. Then, another surprise was given to Camilo, since his birthday was right around the corner as well. We later went to eat dinner, with a cake to commemorate the last nightly meal we would have together. The nightly meeting was held shortly after, to then pass on the torch to the final Leaders of the Day!

The quote of the day is “A lot of little people, doing little things in little places, can change the word” (Eduardo Galeano). Keeping this quote in mind when we went out to help Fundacion Betesda, we have realized that when there is that when only one person is doing the job it can get the ball rolling, in this case, the building of the foundation. But as soon as the delegation went to help out we were able to help the in a small way this great cause to finish the foundation for there base of operation. With this little act we were able to not only to help out the Fundación Betesda but also all of the people that they will help in the future.

Even though the CAP Project is not the sole purpose of this trip, it sure left a mark on every single one of our hearts. Ruben concluded his speech with an insightful remark, saying how we all left a little seed in their Fundacion. Well the same can be said on behalf of the Glimpsers, the foundation has planted a seed in our hearts, one that will hopefully blossom to the fullest, and continue to live inside of each one of us when we return to the states. No amount of words can explain just how much Betesda has done for our personal development, but one thing is certain, the amount of effort everyone put in today was awesome, and that’s surely something to be proud of. In short, Viva Betesda!