DAY 2 Success

Today, all around was a great one! After getting a good nights rest everyone woke up eager to learn and conquer the day. The energy was lifted and it was definitely noticed.

We started off the morning with a Culture & Safety Seminar to further discuss and reinforce the importance of both components during their stay in the Dominican Republic. Before lunch we had an amazing speaker, Miguel Abreu, come and talk to us about the history of the Dominican Republic, but more specifically Constanza and the Valle. His enthusiasm and passion for the beauty of the land here in Constanza was most definitely transmitted to the students through his empowering message! 


Group picture with Miguel Abreu

Group picture with Miguel Abreu


Later in the afternoon 4 Youth Ambassadors came to meet us at Dilenia’s (our hotel) to commence the city tour!!! They really enjoyed getting out of the hotel and exploring first hand what Constanza is all about. During our city tour several students had cards with pictures with different sites, in which we stopped at to further discuss the importance of those sites. The students were able to see the school where they will be teaching English classes three days a week, have a better understanding of who the founding fathers are of the DR,  the station of the famous cazadores (hunters), and overall have a better understanding of what Constanza is like. And of course what better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a strawberry popsicle in the park!


Ice Cream Time on the City Tour!

Ice Cream Time on the City Tour!


“Hey MOM! Look! I’m on TV!!!”

Another amazing opportunity two of our Glimpsers had today was being on Constanza’s radio and local television show! Jazzmin, Crystal, and Yohanny (Site Manager) were on the air to announce that the Global Glimpse students had arrived to the city of Constanza! They were also able to share more information about the English classes the students will be teaching, and they even had a lady call while they were on the air who wanted to sign up for the class!!!


Jazzmin, Crystal, and Yohanny LIVE on the air!

After the city tour we held our first self-reflection, and it was a great time to really process and reflect upon what they had seen, felt, and experienced, so far since their arrival to the DR. This time was a really great way to hear and engage with the students about their awareness and feelings. The first self reflection, just like the rest of the day, was a true success!

Later on in the evening we invited all 11 of our local Youth Ambassadors to come and join us for dinner. During this time we had two guys come and sing traditional music from the Dominican Republic, such as Bachata and Merengue! Some of our students and ambassadors also had the opportunity to show off their talents by playing the guitar and singing songs! THEY ROCKED IT! The ambassadors and students during this time really took the initiative to talk and engage with one another and you could already see so many bonds being created!

DAY 2 in Constanza was a truly an excellent day, and I have all faith that the students will only continue to grow, expand their perspectives and minds, and open up their hearts to this experience and all that the Dominican Republic has to offer!