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Our day began with a wake up call at 7:15 am. We ate breakfast at 8:00 am and after we went straight to a special program seminar, in which we shared our feelings, what we experienced from the program and how it affected us. The seminar lasted for about two hours, but we enjoyed every single minute of it sharing positive messages to each other person in the group. We discussed about the different ways we can make a change. Every person in the group promised to take what they learned from Nicaragua and apply to our daily lives. We realized that we have grown so much together, and that every person in the group has contributed in their own unique way. We ended the program seminar with a unity clap where we chanted “Family!”, because that is what we have become to one another. Then, we began writing our appreciation letters to those who have supported us and helped us in participating in Global Glimpse. After our thoughtfully written letters, we had thirty minutes of free time and left shortly to lunch. Right after lunch, we had two hours of free time that we used to buy our love ones beautiful gifts and souvenirs. Many of us also bought our English students candy and chocolates to celebrate the last day of English tutoring. Once we finally arrived to the hostel around 4:30, we prepared for English tutoring where we gathered all our materials and headed to the class.
We were upset to teach our students for the last time, but we all made the best out of it. For an hour, we taught and converse with our wonderful and inspiring students. Everyone connected with the students in ways we can not describe. After the lessons, we gathered everyone to celebrate and give out our students certificate. One by one we handed a certificate out to each of our students and took many, many, many pictures! After a good 15 minutes of taking pictures and happily talking to our students, who are now considered friends, we had to leave for dinner. It was really hard to say goodbye to them. For our last dinner, we all sat together as a family and laughed about the crazy journey we have experienced. Once we arrived to the hostel, we had an emotional talk with Mama Elena and Don Pancho, where they gave us beautiful keychain we will treasure forever. They are truly wonderful people. Finally, we quickly rushed to get ready for the club! Once arriving at the club, many of us were quick to dance, the rest of the night is history. All you need to know is that there were no alcoholic drinks involved, but we still had a ton of fun.
Overall, this trip has taught us many valuable lessons about ourselves, our lives, and others. We learned to be compassionate and future leaders that can make a powerful and impacting change. We all did not know that it was possible to build such a strong relationship with the Glimpsers and the locals in less than three weeks.
Special shout out to Anne, we love and miss you and hope to see you soon!
P.S Thanks to Ella Bella and partially Sam for the helping write this blog.
To our families, we are excited to see you soon!
And to my family, I love you and here I come so get the food ready 😊