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Yooooooo this last day was EVERYTHING. Nothing but fun on my family’s last day in Bonao. Sorry for my non formal style were kind of in a rush, that’s because today was amazing. We started off with the last reflection for the group that lasted more than 2 hours. During that time we had a lot of smiles and laughs. But also a lot of tears because today we realized in the reflection that this really is our last today together. We will no longer get to wake up and eat breakfast together and spend all day in each others faces. I can truly say that EACH AND EVERY PERSON ON THIS TRIP WAS FANTASTIC. I personally did not want to attend this trip but I thank god that I did. Thank you also to Mr.Holman for convincing me to go this trip had one of the biggest impacts on my life. In addition, I wish I had time to write about each and everyone’s child on this trip because I was going to express my love for each person. But I want to thank each parent for making and raising amazing kids who are now young adults,  you guys did an amazing job. If each parent was on the trip it may have a little more boring but each parent would have been proud of their child. Lastly I love your kids like MY OWN FAMILY AND I WILL FOREVER MISS THEM. But we must stay in connect after the trip because that’s how we’re going to stay a family. WE OUTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Our new flight info for parents:
As you know our original flight was cancelled last night and our new flight is: JetBlue 236 to JFK arrives at 6:00am on August 13th.