KC Team!!

KC Team!!


Hey its Kaitlyn Weng and Caitlyn Ruiz as your day 3 CAP leaders. Today is the last day of our community action project and all teams construction, gardening, and painting accomplished the goals set before our start. Our painting group finished painting the school’s stage and also painted an outline of the soccer (futbol pitch) for the kids recess. Our garderning group finished the garden set in the courtyard. Our contruction team copleted their goals of setting a foundation, support beams, and a roof. (Which currently the boys are currently staying back in the pouring rain finishing up). Although it was pouring rain, the construction boys pulled through and completed the roof. Today we reinforced the three CCC’s Courage, Compassion, and Commitment.

Being El Lider Del Dia, it was a big responsibility for the KC team to keep everyone on task to finish our goals set on Day 1. As we were both working along side our peers we had to be aware of others needs and keep moral high. Despie our wokring jobs, we had to remind others to #teamhydration and take care of themselves so there would be no hitch in our schedule. Although our task as the KC team leaders it has been stressful and difficult we enjoyed working with such a great group of people who were al passionate about finishing our project for the school.

Today we said goodbye to our English tutoring students. We taught them a lot and we hope we impacted their lives forever.


Our blog is dedicated to the our construction leader, Wilber and his partner Marvin.