Today was a very relaxing day for most of the people in the group. We woke up at 7:00, ready for breakfast and then…shopping time! We had three hours of free time in the morning and another three hours of free time in the afternoon, to be used at our own discretion. Most people spent their time at souvenir shops with friends though others went to coffee shops to enjoy their free time. We were really able to enjoy exploring the city of Matagalpa a little bit more by going around and discovering new shops to purchase gifts for friends, family, and even ourselves.  Today, we also  had a lot of time to spend with those in our group that we may have not had a chance to connect with earlier, so it truly was a great day.


However, there were three AMAZING Global Glimpsers – AJ, Tiffany, and Zahra – who took the time during the designated free time to head back to Los Pipitos to put the final touches on our Community Action Project that we were unable to do yesterday. They spent almost four hours of their free time to make sure that the CAP finished perfectly. The Global Glimpse group really appreciated what these three girls did today and recognize their selflessness in the process.


Today was also a special day for the English Tutoring classes because it was the last day we were able to teach our groups. We gave them the last lesson and played games with them to end on a positive note. Towards the end of the class, we had a small party with the students, where we gave out drinks, cookies, and candy, and even exchanged contact information to stay in touch in the future.  At the end of the class, both students and teachers got really emotional because no one wanted the last day come. They shared some great insights and thoughts about each other and some even broke into tears of appreciation. Students said goodbye and hugged their Global Glimpse teachers. It was such a memorable day and made us realize how hard it is to say goodbye, especially as we are nearing the end of our own trip.

After a long free day, we had the nightly meeting and shared our thoughts about the day – including our nightly “Thorn and Rose” (the high and low of the day) and the “Big Love” shout out to someone who brightened your day.  All in all, today was such as a great day as many things were accomplished and we are all relaxing while anticipating the special fun day tomorrow!