The day has come. The last day of CAP. With hard work and commitment us Glimpers have delivered an amazing project to the Casa De Los Suenos.

It all started off by having a 7 am wake up call which has been difficult to be as energized because we have working for two consecutive days. After we have gotten ready and packed our things we headed to breakfast to eat some pancakes with a banana which is our FAVORITE. Then after getting stuffed with some delicious breakfast by Don Carlos and his wife Maritza we hopped on our bus and headed to La Casa de Los Suenos.

On the way there we played the slappers and got hyped for our long day. We arrived at 9:15 and we were supposed to do an energizer as soon as we got to La Casa de Los Suenos. However our Glimpsers decided to get a head start on working knowing we had a time limit. The leaders of the day which was Yajaira and Raquel (a.k.a us) split into groups so we could a consistent work flow. There were four different groups. The table, interior/exterior painting, and the bookshelf group. Even though we had a head start on CAP day one and two, there was still a lot of work to get done, but that didn’t phase us. The table group already had finished the putting the table together, all that was left was to varnish the table so the kids could eat their gallo pinto on it. The interior painting group needed to finish to finish painting the entrance wall which consisted of a beautiful quote, ” Tu eres el dueno de tu propio destino.” The bookshelf group worked with our volunteer Deyvid to start and finish the bookshelf. The last group was to paint the exterior walls with a nice fiery red to make the building pop with a slight tint of orange that carefully outlined the bottom of the building.

Within three hours into finishing the project there was a slight miscommunication between the program coordinator and the Glimpsers resulting in change of color. At this point everyone was definitely tired and stressed and sweating like never before. Around 12 in the afternoon something brightened our day which was our LUNCH and the breaking a pinata and enjoying it with the cute little adorable kids. We devoured our lunch knowing that we still had work to do. Using our time wisely we stood committed to the end the only thing that was left was to paint the exterior walls. With the blazing hot sun and sweat running down our backs and foreheads we finally finished the CAP Project. We are so proud with our end product. We did this project knowing that this will truly impact the kids and that they don’t have to worry about having a steady table or a place to put their books.