Sachit’s Blog

Hola from Nicaragua!

Today was our last full day in the beautiful city of Matagalpa. It was filled with lots of fun, bonding, running in the rain, last minute shopping, and calls home. We had a relatively leisure wake up time of 7:30, but most ended up waking at 8:00 due to a hectic previous day. We had a delicious breakfast by the wonderful Dona Francis and then we headed into our last seminar for the trip. It was a final reflection that allowed students to think about their experiences throughout the trip and to reflect on all their high’s and low’s. We were all told to think about our five most memorable experiences on this trip and to make a storyboard illustrating them. A few of my most memorable events include meeting Jorge and Candi for the first time at the airport with their huge Global Glimpse sign and smiles and having late night conversations with my room mate, Jay the “Won”. After the reflection seminar, we had our last home cooked meal by Dona Francis: scrumptious enchiladas. After that, we had a little bit of time after lunch to finish writing our final drafts for our thank you letters to the Global Glimpse supporters and donors. From 1:45 to 5:30, we had free time to pick up any last minute laundry, to go souvenir shopping, and to call home. Personally, this was the most memorable part of the day. I got to go to the cafe with some amazing people for the last time, met with one of the english tutoring kids for the last time, and got to run in the pouring rain to pick up laundry to get ready for the next day. To cap the day off, we went to a nearby Italian restaurant and got the opportunity to eat some tasty pizza. Dinner was filled with tons of laughter, final speeches, emotions, and picture taking. We then headed back to the hostel to wrap up our last nightly meeting and then we all got our bags ready for the next day.

This Global Glimpse trip has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity. All the great people I have met, all of the friendships I have created, and all of the learning that has been done, has been a blessing, and I want to take a moment to thank all those that work hard day and night to make this experience possible. You guys rock! I have learned a ton about the culture, the history, leadership, and creating and carrying through a community project. It means the world to me-the experiences I had and I hope others have the chance to be a part of Global Glimpse in the future.