Hello everyone,

Today was the long awaited second free day. We slept in until 8:30 and walked to Nativa at 9:00 to have breakfast. We had humitas and fruit with yogurt. Afterwards, we were split into groups and explored Riobamba. Many students returned to Plaza Roja to shop and buy souvenirs for their friends and family. Others also had the chance to visit the internet cafe and called their parents. At noon, we all checked in at Nativa. Some stayed at Nativa to eat and others went to eat at a local restaurant. After that, we had more time to explore the city and had to return to Mashany by 5:00 PM. We had free time, and later went back to have our last dinner at Nativa. In the evening many of us gathered in the meeting room to watch Nacho Libre for our last night together. Tomorrow we will begin our journey back home. Our flight gets into SFO at around 10:00 AM, but we probably won’t be out until about 10:30 AM because we are a big group. This is our last blog before seeing you all Sunday morning. Until then!

Your Líderes del Día,
Miriam and Nnadia