imageHey everyone! I’m Greg and I was the leader of the day on August 6. It was our last free day for the whole trip. After waking up and eating breakfast at Onaney’s, we went back to the hotel and had an academic seminar on Global Business. We learned that the 75% of the US gets its sugar from the DR and that the sugarcane industry is a hard and difficult job to do.

Most of the day, we had free time to go out to the call center, ice cream shop, bakery, and the supermarket. While most of the Glimpsers used most of their time going out, Gaby,Josephine and I went to the hardware store to buy all the supplies for the CAP project. We were able to buy all the supplies and have plenty of pesos left to buy toys and school supplies for the kids. After the free time was over, all of us prepared to teach our English class #4.

imageWhen we were done preparing, we went to the school and taught our lesson for 2 hours. From the 2 hours we taught, the students were able to learn and also have fun in the class. After class, we went directly to dinner at Onaney’s. Dinner was a special treat for us because the owner of Onaney, Shelia treated us with some black bean and Queso dip with tortilla chips and spaghetti. While eating, the music was up and everyone started to dance. We all had a great time dancing at Onaney’s. Wrapping up the whole day, we had our usual nighty meeting and talked about the day.

imageBeing the Leader of the Day, I felt that I had a responsibility and opportunity to lead the group and making sure they were in good  health. Since it was our last free day, I wanted everyone to not feel rushed on the time schedule so they could enjoy their free time better. Part of the day was quite challenging but I was able to pull it through the whole day. Overall, Everyone was well rested and enjoyed their free time.