Hello everyone! My name is Nick and today it was my turn to be the leader of the day!

As we can now count the hours until our departure from Nicaragua, we Glimpsers take a look back at the past 2 weeks and remember all the new relationships that have blossomed and the memories made that will last a lifetime.


Today was our second free day and after 4 days of intense action (working on our CAP project and volcano boarding just yesterday) it was a true blessing to be able to wake up at 8:00 (or 7:30 in my case since it’s my responsibility to wake everybody else up on time). Getting everybody up and going was pretty smooth today as everyone was excited to get up and moving in order to begin their free days. After a breakfast of pancakes, we were ready to split up into groups and enjoy our free days exploring different parts of the city. However things did not go as planned for most groups.

Today was Revolution Day in Nicaragua, it is a national holiday that is celebrated to commemorate the day that the National Liberation Army (FSLN) defeated the Somoza dictatorship. On this day the government of Nicaragua sends buses to cities across the country to collect citizens and bring them to the capital city of Managua in order to celebrate. As such, many places such as the internet cafe and different restaurants across the city were closed for the day. Fortunately, many stalls still remained open in Central Park so we could buy souvenirs for family members back home.

As this is our last full day in Nicaragua, we will spend the rest of the day packing and reflecting on how this trip has impacted us all to make change. Being in Nicaragua has allowed me to realize how privileged I am to live in the U.S. and how I take many things in life for granted. I will never forget my time here in Nicaragua and I hope that sometime in the future I can come back and visit this lovely country again.

Until tomorrow, parents, we hope to see you all soon!