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Hey everyone! Today we had a very touching day since our last full day in Nicaragua was today. We started off as usual, and then had a 3 hour seminar, where we expressed our memorable events that happened on our amazing trip. Everyone was laughing at the memory of our jokes and shared our thoughts on our journey. Some became emotional when we remembered our touching moments, but we were all there to support each other.

The thing is, we have formed a special kind of family, and everybody knows how attached we are to each other. Something strange happens when you see the same group of people from the time you wake up to the instance you fall asleep for three weeks straight, they form a very strong bond. We will all miss each other dearly, and going through our daily motions for the last time was heart-wrenching. As we spent our free time packing, buying last minute souvenirs, and saying goodbye to Matagalpa, everyone refused to acknowledge that this was the last day in our home. I say the word home because over the past week and a half, I have heard my Glimpsers referring to the hostel as “home”. I think that this shows us how much we have all grown together, and how well the city of Matagalpa has treated us.

Tonight we had our last nightly meeting, where we usually discuss our “thorns” and “roses” of the day, and where we give our “big love” shout-outs. Needless to say, our meeting lasted longer than usual, because nobody wanted to forget a single shout-out. But being the amazing people we are, we have agreed to do our last nightly meeting on the airport, or if we have to, on the plane. I will end the blog with this: although today might have been our last full day in Nicaragua, we will meet each other again. And when we do, we will continue to laugh at Norman’s silly calls and remember all the fun times we had together. May we have a safe trip home, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.