Today we learned how to dance the Bachata and the Merengue. It was a lot of fun because we got to switch partners and it was fun getting to see how different people dance and get to interact with everyone. One thing we learned that we kind of already knew was that music truly does bring everyone together.

So today was our first day of tutoring and I taught beginning tutoring to 10-12 year old.

The thing that surprised me the most today was how much the students learned today and how much they taught me.

I’m mostly proud of how we worked together to make sure that the day ran smoothly and that the students learned.

The most inspiring person I met today was this girl named Chrisley. She knew a lot more for a beginner and she just kept asking for me to say more things in English because it was just so much fun to learn.

Being leader of the day was kind of stressful. I realize you get a lot more respect when you’re not the leader vs when you are. I’m not a loud person, but it kind of hurt when I was finally loud and people still wouldn’t listen to me. But after thinking to myself, I realized it’s not easy to be a boss or a leader because you’re always going to have a lot of people who won’t listen to you, but it also hit me that they’re going to be leader of the day soon and they’re going to feel how I felt when they didn’t listen to me. So I gave advice to the next leaders and I told them that it’s hard trying to give directions if other people are not listening to you so with that being said I basically told them in the situation that you have to assert yourself a little bit more.

I learned that it’s hard to be a leader and come out of your comfort zone for certain things, but honestly coming out of your comfort zone is the thing that makes you a leader. I think what I am going to do differently in situations like this in the future is just be more assertive.