Hello everyone, my name is Uzoma Onuoma and I was the Global Glimpse student leader for today.  Today, we did a lot of things but we started with a small seminar that showed us statistics of the quality of education and the levels of enrollment which painted a picture for us about the education system in the Dominican Republic.  We looked at some facts that were shocking for a few students based our privileges in America. The fact that shocked a lot of  students the most was the  that most teachers in the school system are not certified.  We also learned that in general only about 61% of young Dominican adults graduate high school.  After the morning seminar we took a field trip to the university (La UASD) where we met a lot of students with passion for higher education and its ability to improve the country.



After the university, we jumped back on the bus and came back to the Fundacionwhere we ate a much needed lunch.  After enjoying our delicious Dominican lunch, we got our stuff ready and off we went to the library.  At the library, we saw how the city is trying to improve education in the country by inviting people of all ages to come and read books.  We were able to talk to the kids at the library and we understood their perspectives on the Dominican Republic.  When we came back from the library, we got ready to teach our first English class.  When the students arrived, most of us were really nervous because many of the students were 30 years and up.  Afterward, everyone had smiles on their faces because we taught a good class, and we felt that our presence is welcomed here in the Dominican Republic.


Being a leader is a difficult task because you have a lot of things that people require from you but thankfully I was able to accomplish those things with the help of my peers.  Tomorrow, I am looking forward to more bonding time with all my fellow Glimpsers.  Thank you so much for taking time to read this blog and I hope you continue to check in for more interesting stories.