Hello it’s your LDD Carolyn!!!!

Today (and yesterday… it’s all the same now) was our last and final day together. It started with the wake up call at 7:35am, we had our last breakfast together at 8:25am, then we went back to our hotel. We had a very emotional seminar where I personally feel like we all learned so sooooo much not just about our really close friends but about everyone in the whole group. Trista shared things that made me feel like dang!

What was nice was most of us felt like we could totally relate and totally understand. The whole seminar made us look at life in a totally different way. The seminar was a total success as a whole 🙌🏻. Later we had our very last meal together at Isabel’s. It was LUNCH, the most important meal of the day!!! (In my opinion). In addition we did last minute shopping which was great, as well as some last minute packing for some of us.  Then we took a long bus ride from Riobamba to Quito!

We got to the airport around 7pm and that was about it!!! Right now we’ve been traveling for about 18 hours and still have another 5-6 left. We are still happy, but tired. I hope everyone on this trip had an amazing and wonderful experience as I did!!!! (One last BIGGG LOVE to the Latina squad). 



** sorry for no pictures, I (Ms.G) can’t figure out how to do it from my phone in the airport***