Hey!!! Sorry for the really long delay. It’s just that there have been A LOT of technical difficulties, and the days since then have been crazy. So let’s get started. In the morning we had breakfast, and then we got some free time which everyone was really excited about. Since we had four GG leaders we had a lot of options to go and explore Nicaragua. Finally we decided to just go to the Internet Café and to the Coffee Shop. It was funny to see everyone’s faces light up when we saw all the computer, and you could tell how excited everyone was to be surrounded by technology. We then went to go hang out at the coffee shop, and got our first taste of coffee in DAYS. So good. Later on we had lunch and got prepared to leave for the two schools that we were going to shadow, Salomon de la Selva and Armijo. Then we had the two principals talk to us, Ana Francis Suazo and Ernesto Gonzalez Vargas and we gave them gifts for talking to us. We learned a lot that day, like how to be really appreciative of the schools back home and how not to be ungrateful of our teachers. It was a really great day, and we can’t wait to have more experiences in this amazing place.
Sophia Ayala