It was our first day without our two amazing coordinators, Oliver and Aaron, but we still managed to have another adventurous ,educational, productive day. It was also our first free day. We got to plan out our agenda together as a group , keeping in mind things such as availabilty, time, and also having an alternative plan in case things couldn’t go as planned.

To start off our day, we went to an internet café where we had delicious drinks and spent time bonding. Many of us got to contact family and friends, and this kicked off the beginning of an amazing day.  Secondly, we got to explore the city of León a littler more, then we had an opportunutiy to go to the supermarket la unión where we got to restock on things such as snacks, toiletries, goods, etc, then headed back to the hostel for lunch.

After lunch, we had a great opportunity to go on the roof of León’s cathedral where we saw breathtaking views over the city of León. After the cathedral, we split into two groups, the first spending some time exploring the mercados and getting to know more of the city’s culture. We purchased and filled two piñatas for the students of Maryknoll primary school. The second group got relaxing massages for a reasonable price. On top of that, this was a great time to bond and get to know each other a little better.

We reunited as a group for dinner and got to share our experiences. After dinner, we gathered for our nightly meeting and recapped on our day, shared thoughts, and gave feedback. After the nightly meeting, we had time to relax, take pictures, and see the central park at night with lights lit up, before we got to a dance club. Many stepped out of their comfort zones and had a great time.

It wasn’t easy for any of us as we had to come up with fun things to do in a city we are unfamiliar with, but we gathered good ideas that led to an unforgettable day.


Rashon Rogers