Hola everyone! My name is Mariah Mitchell-Mellor and I go to Oakland School for the Arts in Oakland, California and I am seventeen years old. This is my first trip away from my family for so long, and although I miss them very much I´ve had so many amazing experiences here. Today I was the leader of the day and one challenge that I had to overcome was learning how to accommodate to everyone’s opinions and ideas during our community actions project meeting.               We started the day off bright and early so that we could go to breakfast and then we went on our field trip to CIMAC. We were delighted to find that we had pancakes for breakfast which set the day off on a great note! From breakfast we walked to a nearby bus stop and rode a few stops to our destination and lucky for us it wasn’t crowded like it has been in our previous experiences .CIMAC is a place for environmental learning in Leon that entails four different types of forests that are commonly found in Nicaragua. After learning about many different indigenous plants and trees we made flowers out of recycled materials. This was very hard for me because it required everything to be precise, which unfortunately is also not one of my specialties. Luckily, with the help of a few of my fellow glimpsers I was able to get the job done!                                                             One of our tour guides graced us with the pleasure of playing and singing a few original songs for us on the guitar. Her voice filled the room as we calmly sat and listened to the unknown words but familiar messages. Although many of us could not understand what she was saying we could feel and see her passion beaming onto us. Personally, this was one of the highlights of my day because I am a musician and I love seeing others express themselves through music. I also feel that sometimes it is easier for me not to talk but play to my hearts content. We later took pictures and thanked CIMAC for our wonderful learning experience and then we walked back to Quiero Mas for lunch.                                                                                                                                      After lunch we walked back to the hostel and had a student lead CAP (community action project) meeting. My whole delegation is filled with strong hearted and amazingly passionate people, which made it a little bit difficult to agree on which project ideas had to be eliminated and which ones were realistic for the group to accomplish in two days. After deciding on the projects that were feasible we split up into three committees which came out to be the mural, playground, and building groups. Each group’s task for the day was to specify what they needed for the project so that we could start organizing our presentation for Los Ositos. I joined the building committee because I was fortunate enough to have a dad that taught me how to build even though I may not have been interested at the time. This committee discussed everything that was absolutely needed for the project and made a blueprint for our presentation.                                               After doing a lot of work in our committees we went to dinner and then we went to our English classes where many glimpsers engaged their students through educational games, pronunciation, and conversations to help the students exercise their great developing English. We were once again pleasantly surprised by a visit from our tour guide from CIMAC and some of us got to know her a lot better while her children learned English. As another surprise we also got to get ice cream after English class which was great because it was one of the hottest days since we arrived here. We proceeded on to our nightly meeting and I passed the torch to the next leader of the day of course after he showed us how he gets down and to end our environmental day we said go green for our traditional unity clap! Overall, today was a wonderful day full of surprises and although some parts were a little tough I´m glad I got to spend these times with the leaders and people of my delegation.