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Hello, our names are Ived Puma and Sierra Urnberg. Today´s theme  was Poverty and we got to experience the life of a vender in a Super Market  known as the Mercado and how difficult it is for them to get up before the crack of dawn every morning and the struggle they face to make money for their families.

Four groups got to experience different things. For example, two of the four groups went to the vender´s house to witness how they prepared their products and to help organize what they needed for the day. The other two groups got to go straight to the Super Market, one group worked at a drink and sandwich concession stand while the other group went on a scavenger hunt throughout the super market to find typical foods, fruits, vegetables and other services that are in the Nicaraguan market. The two groups that went to the houses of the venders ended up coming to the mercado later with the venders. One of the places those two groups worked at was a cheese booth and the other was a concession stand that sold powder that was really cacao beans, jicaro seeds and other products that are grinded down to for making drinks.  Since there were four groups, there was a lot of people and we were going to stay there for a long time and instead of one group having to work for a long time at one booth everyone was able to take turns and rotate to different venders.

After the mercado we went to go eat lunch at our usual place Quiero Mas . The glimpsers were able to choose between chicken or fish to eat and they got a side of salad, rice, and beans. After we finished lunch we went back to the hostel and prepared for our second English lesson. For the university students at UNAN, the University in Leon.

After we finished preparing we were able to have free time. This allowed the Glimpsers to either go to the Cyber Cafe and talk to their parents or use the internet, or they could go to the main park where they have booths that sold souvenirs. Many people were able to get a hold of their parents while others were able to buy nice souvenirs to take home to there family and friends.

Then we came back to the hostel and we had a quick break to get our English tutoring supplies together and then go and have dinner at Quiero Mas. The Glimpsers had many choices as to what to eat for dinner. After dinner was finished we walked to the place where we held our two hour English tutoring classes, these classes ranged from basic level to intermediate or advanced level English speakers. Once the two hours were up, we all walked back to the hostile and had our nightly meeting.

Ived: My overall reaction to being the leader of the day was that it was a little complicated. At first,  it was waking up everybody on time at 4:45 in the morning but I was able to do it. Even though it was hard for me to do things like speak up, I managed to do it by having conversations or when somebody asked me to translate I would translate or ask questions. Even though the leader of the day was a challenge I managed to do it by help from the other leader.

Sierra Urnberg:  My overall challenge of being the leader of the day was the fact that I didn´t want to say something too mean and have everyone hate me or start thinking badly of me. I managed to do it from all the encouragement from the other Glimpsers but also from the other leader, because I knew that if I forgot something she would have my back and help me patch things up.