After a good night’s sleep, the glimpsers woke up refreshed and ready for an interesting and educational day. We began our walking tour with a visit to three murals that depict scenes from the revolution. The murals are located close to La Catedral, the largest and oldest cathedral in Central America.

With a quick break for lunch, we headed to El Museo de la Revolucion where our tour guides, Marcelo and Marcos, shared their experiences as Sandinista revolutionaries. Students heard fascinating stories and gained a better understanding for the conflict between the Sandinistas and Contras.

For a nice descanso from the heat, Aaron and Oliver, treated us to ice cream, which was a big hit! We also celebrated Oliver’s birthday after a tasty dinner.

The students continue to get to know each other and are showing great team work. We are ready for ceramics and dancing as part of our culture day tomorrow!

Hasta maƱana,

Leon dos