We had an early start this morning with two field trips on our agenda. Before taking off, we discussed what culture means to the students and the dangers of stereotyping. Today’s question of the day asked the glimpsers to consider if the preservation of a culture is important in the context of an increasingly globalized society.

With open minds, we set off to make ceramics in the town of Malpaisillo. Our glimpsers had the chance to make a variety of things from pigs, birds, turtles to teapots and plates. They had the help of Doña Tomasa and her friends who have been making ceramics since they were twelve years old.

After a beautiful drive back to the hostel, we had a traditional Nicaraguan lunch of Indio Viejo to fuel us for dancing in the afternoon. Our dance instructors, Ervin and Karen, taught us a few different types of dance: Salsa, Zumba, Bachata and folk dancing. The glimpsers had a good time and embraced the fun and energy of the music!

In the evening, our glimpsers started to prepare for their English tutoring classes they will be teaching throughout their time here. They are excited and ready for our education day tomorrow.

Hasta luego,

Leon Dos



Suzanne (above) and the students (below) getting their groove on.