My alarm woke me up at 6:30am. I woke up every one but the most memorable moment was when all of Luis’ friends gathered to wake him up to a birthday song. After that, we all headed to breakfast which was a Nicaraguan tamale with a unique consistency and texture. Unfortunately this dish was not something most of us enjoyed so we skipped breakfast. We all headed back to the hostel and started preparing for our free time by applying sunscreen and collecting our Córdoba’s to go buy souvenirs. We all then split into three groups and went our separate ways. All of us bought some breakfast from different locations ; some of us from Burger King, a local restaurant or a coffee shop. Then we all bought souvenirs to bring back memories of Nicaragua. Afterwards we headed to lunch around 12pm but we were all full from the food we bought on our free time. While we were  eating Francisco and Eddy went back to the hostel to help Robertson setup Luis’ birthday cake. We then had a tiny party for Luis. After we went to a pool called the Casa Abierta. Most of us went in the pool and played volleyball in the water. After we played a game named war with cards by the pool. Then we went to dinner which was chicken with rice and lettuce. Then we taught English class that’s separated into three classes: basic, intermediate, advanced. We ended the day with our nightly meeting to prepare for our Fun Day.


Luis’ birthday cake and all of the Glimpsers.


Swimming at Casa Abierta!