We have arrived to Leon, on our 1st day in Leon, we were so excited about the history. We made a stop at Momotombo to look at point view, wonderful lake, important volcano and great history about Leon viejo, the former location of Leon. Once we arrived to Leon, we could submerge in the warmth and ancient atmosphere of this colonial city.

We had our 2 very first seminars, led by our program coordinators and our GG leaders, next we went for our first city tour lead by Elisa and Brayan, we visited the Revolutionary Museum, the central park, the cathedral and some of the most important murals in town, seems like Nicaraguans like to express with street art, the city welcome us in a very special way…. with Rain!!! We appreciated it a lot in this hot weather!


Glimpsers participating in their history workshop at their hostel in Leon.