Waiting at the Airport


very 1st pic in Nicaragua

Hi Everyone, Im Brayan Torres Program Coordinator for Leon1 team, I am more than glad to write about today, eventhough we are all tired after 2 hours long of bus ride from Managua to Leon and 5 hours flight from San Francisco (Glimpsers and GG Leaders), we ended up the day with a positive atittude and willing to be more energized tomorrow.

After the long line at the airport we started our fun ride to Leon, we stopped at the Momotombo look at point view, to hear from Jessica a brief introduction of Leonยดs history. We finally arrive to Leon to have our first lunch in Nicaragua, It was so good!


At Momotombo look at point view


Food from Quiero mas, our comedor/restaurant for the program

Right after lunch we gave our glimpser some free time to settle down and call their parents, followed by the culture and Safety orientations seminar, where very important information was shared to make sure the students enjoy in a fun, safe and healthy environment the 3 weeks of the program.

Finally we finished our day with our frist nightly meeting leading by the ELDD (Brayan – 1st Leader of the day). We shout out some big love to everyone, but I will take this opportunity to shout out big love again to Katie and Eileen, our fantastic GG Leaders for keeping the students engaged and awake during such long but important day.

I have to admit that being the ELDD, and teach by example feels really great, and I cannot wait to see the next leaders bringing their enthusiasm and unique style.