Hello Glimpsers! In a week, we will be waking to our first morning in Estelí!  Here are some reminders as you are packing:

  • Bring your passport and greencard (if applicable) to the airport;
  • Make two copies of your passport (page with your photo) – leave one at home and bring one with you, your GG leaders will collect these at the airport;
  • Bring $10 cash and reserve it for your tourist visa; we will pay this once we arrive in Nicaragua;
  • A few essentials: water bottle, walking/hiking shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, and day pack/backpack- see packing list in your student handbook for complete list;
  • Leave your cell phone at home!

See you at SFO at 3:15 am this Sunday, the 21st!  We will meet at the International Terminal at the American Airlines check-in counter.  Contact Sheeva or Erin if you have any questions.