Hello Glimpsers and family,

My name is Jonathan Bratisax and I am one of your GGLs to Bonao this summer.  I have heard great things from past GGLs and  I am very excited for this summer.

I live in Queens and teach health and phys ed at Williamsburg Preparatory High School.  I also coach the boys and girls track teams.  I have never been to the Dominican Republic but have been lucky enough to have traveled to over 14 different countries.  Last summer my wife and I spent 30 days driving around the country visiting different cities and national parks.  In my free time I like to run (I have completed 4 marathons), hike, camp, eat ice cream, and learn about the outdoors.  I love to laugh and joke around (which you will find out very soon after meeting me).  I love to experience as much as I can in life and face my fears head on.

This travel blog will be completed everyday (or as often as we have internet) while we are in country to share with our families and friends.  Each day a different Glimpser will be in charge of updating it.  I look forward to meeting all of you and creating life long memories.

Jonathan Bratisax