Hello all!

My name is John Montoya. I was born in Queens, went to High School in Manhattan, and did college in Vermont. Much like you guys, at an early age I’ve always been fascinated with exploring and learning about our world!

It was always important for me to understand the world and its machinations so that I may one day be able to serve it better myself.

This is a big reason why I decided to be a Global Glimpse Leader. Being with you guys for this trip to D.R is going to be a great learning opportunity for us all to learn about the beautiful island of D.R and about accomplishing community task together!

I’m really pumped to work with all of you on this trip because I know that we all share the same hope to have a valuable experience.

With D.R as our backdrop and Global Glimpse as our vessel it is looking like our hopes can very well be achieved.

Looking forward to meeting you guys so very soon!