Hey Global Glimpse family

So we are reaching the last moments of the trip. Today was the last of our free days and I must say we got a lot of things done today. Laundry was done, phones calls were made home, some did last minute shopping around and of course bonded with one another before our last goodbyes. A lot of relaxing was done today and we shared some laughs too. Honestly I am going to miss all the moments we had because even when it was tough we always seem to pull it together to make the best of the trip. We always look forward to the free days because we finally get to wind down and relieve all the stress from the days work. We have changed lives as a group as well as individually and I believe I can speak for all when I say I am going to miss the families we helped.


In the beginning, we all walked in to the hostel thinking is was going to be just another trip and in the end we made the hostel and this area our home. We have created a bond with one another that I believe will be pretty hard to break. Of course living together means that we were bound to have some complications which is natural ,but with the nightly meetings, prayers and the venting sessions we shared the days became easier to handle. We all learned each others strengths and weaknesses and I believe that helped us better understand each other and become closer then ever. Personally I can run on and on about this trip because it has changed me for the better. I’ve always been glued to my phone, and never really interact with my family because of that and surprisingly I do not miss my phone. I learned to share my feelings and also be mindful of everyone else’s. I do miss home but I am really going to miss the family I have here with my fellow glimpsers as well as the people here in Nicaragua. Its so hard to say goodbye but we will be home soon.