Welcome Bonao Glimpsers!  I’m Diane Thole, one of your Global Glimpse leaders.  While I don’t travel much internationally, with the exception of Germany to visit relatives when I was a child, I am very excited to get my passport stamped with a new country! I’ve been teaching high school math for the past 15 years; the last 9 years have been at School of the Future in the Gramercy Park area of NYC. I was born and raised in Yonkers, NY and currently, haven’t traveled far from my roots, residing in Bronxville, NY.

When I’m not teaching or thinking about math all day, I decompress with a good spin class or dabble with new recipes. Being in the kitchen is my happy place.  Also, I’ve recently gotten into fly fishing upstate in the Catskills.  My goal is to double my previous record of catching two brook trout to four this summer.  🙂

I’m hoping that this trip with you all breaks me out of my “comfort zone” and routine, allows me to appreciate new foods and experiences, get rid of some of my anxieties and nerves, and immerses me into the culture of DR.  I hope I learn as much from you all and everyone whom we meet in DR and vice versa.  I’m looking forward to seeing and getting to know high school kids outside of the four walls of a classroom.

See you at Newark Airport on 7/15 or on the blog 🙂

Me and my first catch. Catskills, NY.


Me and my buddy Huckleberry eyeing the pie I baked.