in korea

Hello Everyone!

My name is Liza Hartman and I am currently an English teacher at Evergreen Valley High School in East San Jose.  I have only been in the area since the start of the school year as I was living abroad (South Korea and Germany) for 4 years prior to my return to the US.  I have traveled quite a bit and if you ask me “Where are you from?” it will take some time for me to answer; the short version is “I am from all over.”

I really enjoy traveling but one thing I didn’t want to do EVER was simply take students on a trip out of the country to sightsee.  Going to museums, touring about taking pictures, enjoying local cuisine are great but also tend to be a bit shallow and superficial.  So, when a student of mine (actually a GG Ambassador) approached me about taking over the program, I was a bit hesitant but at the same time impressed by how eloquently she spoke about her experience with Global Glimpse.  I then gave it some thought and then I agreed to speak with Marcela, one of the dynamic directors at the Oakland office.  After that conversation, I was sold!

I am now really looking forward to traveling to Nicaragua as a Global Glimpse leader this summer!  To have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture, see how the locals really live and survive day-to-day, hear their stories, and be a part of someone else’s life, even for a moment,  is absolutely priceless; and, to have this eye-opening experience when you are still in high school is priceless times ten!  I am excited to see the growth that takes place in my delegation and myself during our trip!