Hello Global Glimpsers! My name is Leona Wong. I will be one of the Global Glimpse Leaders traveling with you to the Dominican Republic. I was born and raised in San Francisco and currently, I teach high school biology. I love to travel and observe the local flora and fauna. I have mainly traveled in the Arctic regions (Alaska and Iceland), so I am super excited to explore a warm and buzzing place like the Dominican Republic.

I became a Global Glimpse Leader because of the program’s mission to help young people experience the world and understand the intricacies within. To create a sustainable future for humanity, we must first understand the issues we have to resolve. I love the concept of thinking globally, and acting locally to change the world for the better.

Let us learn and adventure together!

Fun Facts:
– I have 4 younger sisters and 3 cats.
– I enjoy camping and developing survival skills.
– If you hold your hand up at arm’s length and fingers parallel to the horizon, the width of each finger indicates approximately 5 minutes of sunlight. (Ex: If the sun is 3 fingers’ width from the horizon, you have 15 minutes of sunlight left.)

I love:
Board games
Renewable energy
Space exploration