Today was our first day of freedom and the Global G’s woke up at 8:00 am in the morning. No one was tired, from what I saw, because everyone felt glad that it was the first free day!

We then proceeded to the mess hall where our amazing cook named Licelot prepared potatoes and eggs for us. After we had breakfast, we proceeded to our free time, because that is what is emphasized on a free day. During our free time, we had a chance to call our beloved parents who we dearly missed. After about an hour of being homesick, some of us decided to get our hair cut. A couple of students were willing to have his or her hair cut by another student in Global G’s. Those of us who were more precautious, decided to get a haircut by a barber. However, this was not such a good idea because those who got a haircut by the barber were not as happy with the results.

After this, we had lunch and then continued to have our next free time. Free time was different from the last one because this time around the Global G’s were allowed to travel outside of the orphanage. Of course for safety reasons, we had to travel with the GG leaders and this was not as free as some students would have liked to have been, but we still had a blast.

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We split into two groups: one group decided to go to a sports center, while the others went shopping. I was one of the students who decided to go to the sports center.

When we arrived, students played basketball, volleyball, and steal the bacon. The students who played basketball had a grand time. The only problem was that the heat was intolerable, but the good news was that the heat motivated the students to drink water. Those who played steal the bacon also had a good time. The other students who went shopping, only shopped and got ice cream. After we sweated out about 20 pounds, we went on our journey back to the orphanage.

There we had our poverty seminar where we were taught what we would be doing the next day. After this, we had our dinner and continued to our usual nightly meeting. We had a terrific day and we all look forward to tomorrow, which will be a very emotional day.