Hi, I’m Andrew Pilon, el Lider del Dia for the delegation’s first free day! Given that we didn’t have much planned, tonight’s blog is a bit shorter than usual. After a week packed with fun and educational agendas, today was a great opportunity for the Glimpsers to be able to get out and explore the city. Most started off the day with a stop at La Buena Onda (Good Vibes), another local hostel, to drop off clothes for laundering. After that, everyone split off into groups and headed off to seize the day! Main street was  the main attraction, filled not only with a multitude of clothing stores and cafes (both for coffee and internet), but a local parade that the delegation could watch, accompanied by a carnival, which was put on by the students of Colegio San Luis (the same school at which we hold our English tutoring classes). A lot of the Glimpsers got to try some of Matagalpa’s famous coffee at locations like La Barista, Mr. Coffee, and El Gran Cafe. Others went to Besame for some amazing cookies and ice cream. Great buys could be found all over, including fifteen dollar Vans and classic Nicaraguan candies. The day came to a close with a seminar to prepare for Monday’s “Living on One Dollar a Day” challenge, and, by a stroke of luck, a beautiful fireworks show over the city!


The Glimpsers stop in at the hostel for lunch before heading out again


A shot of the parade through Main Street