Hello everyone ^_^ My name is Maily and I was El Lider del Dia yesterday. I want to start off with apologizing for not posting up a blog post yesterday Dx I promise to explain why later! Yesterday’s theme was originally planned to be “Work Like a Local”… but we changed it to “Tropical Storm Chantel” because we thought the rain would get in the way of our plans (It actually did not rain… but better safe than sorry, right?)

Okay, so instead of saying “yesterday”, I am going to write “today” so it flows more… Let’s start!

This morning we all were suppose to wake up at 7 am… but of course we have some who wake earlier than others. (Note to Global Glimpser: I am not sorry for constantly knocking on doors all day and walking away before y’all opened the door, I did not want to be late…) Oh! And today marks the last week of our trip!

On the “third floor”, we ate breakfast. Today, we had bread (Most students added butter and brown sugar on top), papaya, and sausages ^_^ After that, Glimpsers had the chance to write appreciation letters to those who made this experience possible for us. We all dispersed, some wrote in their rooms, while others wrote downstairs. We all meet an hour later.  Some did not finish their letter, but that is no problem since it’s only the first draft.

We left for our CAP (Community Action Project) field trip after we turned our letters in to the GG leaders for them to edit. Before we left the hotel, Glimpsers split up into the two CAP groups. Both CAP groups headed back to the community to finalize their ideas. Every time Glimpsers return to the community for the CAP, we are always inspired by all the wonderful people in the community. They always welcome us in, and are willing to help us in any way possible. Glimpsers find every person in the community inspiring. It helps us all look forward to our CAP.

We had decided to meet at Onamei for lunch. One group made it there on time (12:30) and waited forty (40) minutes for the second group… >_> Yea… After lunch, Glimpsers had free time for about an hour. We then met with our CAP group again. We all finished early, so we had free time again. (Yea, it was a very chill day) At 4:30, we all took a field trip to the Palace of Fine Arts to watch Life of Pi. The problem was, we all thought we were leaving the hotel at 4:30, not that the movie started at 4:30… But even with half the Glimpsers half asleep still, we made it there quickly. Oh, and may I add: you would think boys would move faster than girls when getting ready, right? (No makeup, outfit changes, etc) Haha, NOPE, girls are usually ready first. Once we got to the theater (which was BEAUTIFUL!) we all received our tickets, and gave them back to enter to watch the movie (Many Glimpsers took a photo of the ticket, of course.) The movie is as amazing as everyone said it was. Truly inspiring, and had everyone thinking at the end. We also had two guests from our CAP project join us. They spoke English, but Spanish subtitles were provided as well ^_^ (Oh! And we all had front seats!… Yea, we were the only ones there, but still!)

Our ticket stub for Life of Pi.

Our ticket stub for Life of Pi.

After the movie, we all walked to Onamei again for dinner. Dinner was extremely fun. We got to borrow speakers from the restaurant owner. The best part was when our “5 Directions” as we like to call them, danced for us!

After dinner, we all come back to the hotel. We had a ten minute break, and then went straight into our usual nightly meeting. The meeting yesterday went by very fast. We crowned our next Student Leader of the Day and Elemo chose (out of a hat) our next Special Person of the Day, Sabrina!

Now for the reason why I did not post yesterday night! Us ladies had a GIRLS’ NIGHT!!!! ^_^ We all meet upstairs on the fourth floor and … well I am not allowed to talk about it *Wink wink* I mean, what said upstairs, STAYS upstairs! Haha

Alright, now that’s all from me today! =)  *Thanks for reading!*

P.S. We all miss home, but don’t worry too much, we are all enjoying our trip!